Understanding Account Isolation in VPS Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers offer the best control over the hosting environment of a website. Since you are the sole user of the server, all resources are dedicated to you, and you can make any changes you like. However, this comes at a price – the high cost of Dedicated Server Hosting plans. Also, regardless of the server configuration, your website will outgrow the available resources. With a Dedicated Server, adding resources can be costly too. A VPS Hosting plan offers most features and benefits of a Dedicated Server at a much lower cost. VPS Servers employ virtualisation to create Virtual Servers that have dedicated resources, account isolation, and complete root access.

Server virtualisation allows web hosting service providers to create multiple virtual servers on a physical web server. Think of them as smaller versions of a Dedicated Server. Since one server houses multiple virtual servers, the web hosts can offer hosting plans at a much lower price. Today, we are going to talk about the account isolation feature of VPS Hosting.

Account Isolation

VPS hosting uses a virtualisation software called hypervisor to partition the underlying hardware to create virtual servers. Further, the hypervisor allocates system resources like the CPU and RAM to each of these servers. It also ensures that even if multiple virtual servers are running the same software, they don’t access the same hardware. In other words, it ensures that anything that happens on one virtual server does not impact any other virtual servers by isolating the resources for each server.

Since the virtual servers share the same physical web server, isolation is essential to avoid the ‘bad neighbour’ effect. Also, a VPS plan offers complete root access allowing the user to install any software or applications and make changes to the configuration to create a customised hosting environment. It cannot happen unless the virtual servers are isolated from each other. Isolation also boosts the security of the VPS plan.

Isolation using IP address

The web host allocates separate IP addresses to all virtual servers since they have dedicated resources and work in isolation from each other. It ensures that there is no dependency on the IP address too. In a Shared Server environment, if one user sends out spam emails, then the IP address of the server can get blacklisted or blocked. It can spell doom for all other sites on the server since they will be blocked from sending emails too. By allocating separate IP addresses, the virtual servers are isolated further.

Summing Up

One of the biggest reasons behind the success of a VPS Hosting service is the ability of a virtual server to function as a Dedicated Server at a very low price. Account isolation plays a vital role in ensuring that the user feels like he is using a Dedicated Server. Hence, if you are on a Shared Hosting plan and are considering upgrading the service, then migration to VPS Hosting might be a perfect step-up before you move up to a Dedicated Server. Good Luck!


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