Google says that it delivered almost 40,000 alerts of state-sponsored phishing or malware hacking attempts to its users during 2019, with a 25% drop when compared to the previous year.

One of the reasons behind this notable drop in the number of government-backed hacking incidents is the increasingly effective protections Google sets up to protect its users.

Due to the more effective protections, hackers are forced to slow down their attacks and try to adapt their campaigns which leads to less frequent hacking attempts.

Journalist and news outlet impersonation were among the most frequently identified phishing methods used by state-backed

The Chinese state-sponsored group APT41 has been at the helm of a range of attacks that used recent exploits to target security flaws in Citrix, Cisco, and Zoho appliances and devices of entities from a multitude of industry sectors spanning the globe.

It is not known if the campaign that started in January 2020 was designed to take advantage of companies having to focus on setting up everything needed by their remote workers while in COVID-19 lockdown or quarantine but, as FireEye researchers found, the attacks are definitely of a targeted nature.

Broadest Chinese APT campaign in years

As FireEye