The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, which was released earlier this year, will be getting some interesting new features.

Microsoft recently confirmed that it’s working on Vertical tabs and Smart copy features for its new browser.

With these features, Microsoft aims to improve your productivity. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of them.

Vertical tabs

One of the new features that Microsoft Edge will receive is Vertical Tabs, which will move the tab bar from the top to the left side in a vertical layout. Unlike the traditional tab bars, Vertical tabs bar support drag and drop, so

The Department of Justice and Offices of the United States Attorneys are warning that ‘Zoom-bombing’ is illegal and those who are involved can be charged with federal and state crimes.

As more people are working from home or conducting distance learning due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Zoom video conferencing software has become heavily utilized for remote meetings, online classrooms, exercise classes, and family and friend get-togethers.

Since then, people have crashing, or Zoom-bombing, online meetings to record them as pranks to be shared on YouTube and TikTok or to spread hate, offensive images, and even threatening language.

Zoom meeting

A new version of the popular AnarchyGrabber Discord malware has been released that modifies the Discord client files so that it can evade detection and steal user accounts every time someone logs into the chat service.

AnarchyGrabber is a popular malware distributed on hacking forums and in YouTube videos that steals user tokens for a logged-in Discord user when the malware is executed.

These user tokens are then uploaded back to a Discord channel under the attacker’s control where they can be collected and used by the threat actor to log in as their victims.

The original version of the