Microsoft is investigating ten Windows 10 2004 known issues

Right after releasing the Windows 10 May 2020 Update to home customers, Microsoft has already added ten know issues under investigation to the Windows 10 2004 release health dashboard.

Microsoft has added the known issues to the health dashboard right after starting the new release’s rollout process, together with nine compatibility holds designed to prevent users of impacted devices from being offered the latest Windows 10 release.

“We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft working on fixes, some workarounds available

Some of the known issues Microsoft says under investigation in the Windows 10 2004 and Windows Server 2004 releases prevent devices from connecting to more than one Bluetooth device, cause refresh rate issues for devices with Intel GPUs, and trigger errors when plugging or unplugging a Thunderbolt dock.

Others cause issues when older drivers for Nvidia display adapters (GPU) are installed and could lead to unexpected restarts for some devices using Always On, Always Connected capable network adapters.

Microsoft and the vendors behind the drivers or firmware coming with incompatibility issues are working on a resolution, with an update to be provided in an upcoming release.

For some of the issues, Microsoft also provides mitigation measures or workarounds, saying that “you will need to check with your device manufacturer (OEM) to see if an updated driver is available and install it.”

For additional information, you can click the “See details” links next to each issue or go to the Windows 10 2004 health dashboard.

List of Windows 10 2004 known issues under investigation

A summary of currently active Windows 10, versions 2004 known issues is available below:

• Difficulty connecting to more than one Bluetooth device (compatibility hold):
Windows 10 devices with certain Realtek drivers might be unable to connect to more than one Bluetooth device. See details >

• Errors or issues during or after updating devices with Conexant ISST audio drivers (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Devices with affected Conexant ISST audio drivers might receive an error or have issues with Windows 10, version 2004. See details >

• Errors or issues during or after updating devices with certain Conexant or Synaptics ​​​​​​​audio drivers (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Devices with affected Conexant or Synaptics audio drivers might receive a stop error with a blue screen. See details >

• Issues using ImeMode property to control IME mode for individual text entry fields:
Some IMEs for certain langauges might have issues using the ImeMode property with certain apps. See details >

• Variable refresh rate not working as expected on devices with Intel GPUs (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Enabling VRR on affected devices will not enable the VRR for most games, especially games using Direct X 9. See details >

• Stop error with a blue screen when plugging or unplugging a Thunderbolt dock (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Affected Windows 10 devices will have at least one Thunderbolt port, have Kernel DMA Protection enabled and Windows Hypervisor Platform disabled. See details >

• Errors or unexpected restarts for some devices using Always On, Always Connected (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Devices with more than one Always On, Always Connected capable network adapter might have issues (e.g., Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3). See details >

• No mouse input with apps and games using GameInput Redistributable (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Affected apps and games using both GameInput Redistributable and Windows 10, version 2004 might lose mouse input. See details >

• Issues updating or starting up devices when aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys is present (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
Devices with apps or drivers using certain versions of aksfridge.sys or aksdf.sys might have issues updating or starting. See details >

• Issue with older drivers for Nvidia display adapters (GPU) (compatibility hold​​​​​​​):
You might have issues if you are using an Nvidia display adapter (GPU) and drivers with a version below 358.00. See details >

According to the Windows 10, version 2004 dashboard, the update is available for users with devices running Windows 10, versions 1903 and 1909 who manually check for updates via Windows Update dialog.

If you want to install the Windows 10 May 2020 Update right now, select Start > Settings  > Update & Security > Windows Update, and then click the Check for updates button. You will be asked to download and install the new release if it has rolled out for your device.

If the Windows 10 version 2004 isn’t offered automatically when you check for updates via Windows Update, you can get also manually install it through the Update Assistant


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