Diabetes has afflicted humanity for thousands of years, but despite it being an old burden, we’re still making major discoveries about how the illness actually manifests, as new research shows.


The distinction between type 1 and type 2 diabetes was drawn centuries ago, but the sub-categorisations don’t end there. In a new study, researchers in the UK have found convincing signs to suggest that type 1 diabetes itself comprises two distinct sub-types: variations of the disease, called T1DE 1 and T1DE 2, that have never been conclusively identified before.

“We’re extremely excited to find evidence that type 1 diabetes is

Long before the comfort of modern amenities, ancient human communities were capable of living in some truly harsh and frigid environments.

On the central Russian Plain, a mysterious ring of mammoth bones has been dated to the peak of the last European ice age, when winter temperatures regularly reached -20 degrees Celsius or lower.


The site where this ancient structure was found – on the west bank of the Don River, about 500 kilometres (300 miles) south of Moscow – is known as Kostenki 11. The area has a long history of excavation, dating back to the 1700s; early

The election symbol of the US Democratic Party has been changed to a rat within the Google search knowledge panel that shows when searching for the party’s name, instead of the usual donkey-themed one.

While no one knows how this happened, the new rat-themed symbol displayed when searching for “democratic party” on Google is now automatically loaded from a post made by a now-banned user on a history forum in January.

US Democratic Party Symbol Changed to a Rat in Google Search
US Democratic Party Symbol Changed to a Rat in Google Search

The rat election symbol is currently being shown for all search results that show the Democratic Party symbol.