This has been a slow week in terms of new variants, but we continue to see enterprise-targeting ransomware operators threatening to release data for non-paying victims.

With Coronavirus on everyone’s minds, malware developers have turned to campaigns utilizing COVID-19 themed phishing scams or malware to take advantage of the panic and anxiety induced by the outbreak.

Of particular interest, are two ransomware infections called CoronaVirus Ransomware and CovidLock that use the outbreak as a theme for their infections.

Stay safe out there!

Contributors and those who provided new ransomware information and stories this week include: @fwosar, @malwareforme, @BleepinComputer

 People who recover after being infected with the novel coronavirus can still be left with substantially weakened lung capacity, with some left gasping for air when walking quickly, doctors in Hong Kong have found.


The Hong Kong Hospital Authority made the findings after studying the first wave of patients who were discharged from the hospital and had fully recovered from COVID-19.

Out of 12 people in the group, two to three saw changes in their lung capacity.

“They gasp if they walk a bit more quickly,” Owen Tsang Tak-yin, the medical director of the authority’s Infectious Disease Centre, told a