Microsoft’s new Edge browser is now available and it comes with an add-on store where you can find Microsoft-approved extensions. As Edge is built on the same Chromium code base, it can also access the Chrome Web Store.

In addition to Microsoft’s selection of extensions, you can also download the large selection of Chrome extensions in Edge. Like extension, Edge is also getting support for Chrome themes and you can try it in the Canary builds of the browser.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through steps to download and install Chrome extensions and themes in Edge.


Across much of the United States, a warming climate has advanced the arrival of spring. This year is no exception. In parts of the Southeast, spring has arrived weeks earlier than normal and may turn out to be the warmest spring on record.


Apple blossoms in March and an earlier start to picnic season may seem harmless and even welcome. But the early arrival of springtime warmth has many downsides for the natural world and for humans.

Rising temperatures in the springtime signal plants and animals to come alive. Across the United States and worldwide, climate change