Web-based office suite and SaaS services provider Zoho released a security update to fix a remote code execution vulnerability found in its ManageEngine Desktop Central endpoint management solution that does not require authentication to be exploited.

Desktop Central helps companies like managed service providers (MSPs) to manage devices such as servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location, and to automate frequent endpoint management routines like patch installation, OS imaging, remote controlling endpoints, and more.

Zoho patches zero-day impacting thousands of servers

The security flaw caused by deserialization of untrusted data in getChartImage in the FileStorage class, now

Well, those crazy chemistry cats have done it. Nearly 200 years after the molecule was discovered by Michael Faraday, researchers have finally revealed the complex electronic structure of benzene.


This not only settles a debate that has been raging since the 1930s, this step has important implications for the future development of opto-electronic materials, many of which are built on benzenes.

The atomic structure of benzene is pretty well understood. It’s a ring consisting of six carbon atoms, and six hydrogen atoms, one attached to each of the carbon atoms.

Where it gets extremely tricky is when we consider